Glue for commercial linoleum

For any type of roll floor coverings gluing to water-absorbing bases (concrete, cement topping, wood, MDF, flake board) over wet glue layer.

Glue for floor coverings

For interior gluing to absorbing bases (concrete, brick, cement topping, wood, MDF, flake board, gypsum board and so on). For: - linoleum, fitted carpet, special coverings on jute,...

Putty for assembly foam joints filling

Does perfectly for assembly foam fillings when installing windows, doors and other repair works Reinforcing microfiber allows putting up to 10 cm layer. Putting can be used when repairing...

"" ready-to-use tile joints filling paste

For tile joints (less than 5 mm breadth) filling when revetting walls and floors in bathrooms, shower-rooms, terraces, balconies with ceramic and quarry tiles, glass mosaic (dont use in swimming pools).

Spackling paste for wood

Professional spackling paste for sealing up knots, cracks, unevenelesses of various wooden surfaces (furniture, doors, floor, panel walls, windows).


For non-absorbent, glossy surfaces, old paint and varnish (pentaphtalic, oil, nitrocellulose and so on), concrete surfaces undercoating before spackling, painting, wallpaper putting. Makes adhesive layer between non-absorbent surface and subsequent coverings.

"SOLEX" for walls and ceilings

Matt acrylate interior paint resistant to wet cleaning.


Today building materials market proposes the consumer a huge amount of dry spackling mixes by various manufacturers, as well as ready-to-use spackling pastes. Consumers often ask: which one is better to use? Dry spackling mixes are convenient in transportation;...

Anyone who has an experience of painting with water-dispersion paints usage knows that their quality application is rather difficult. If penthaphtalic enamels are easy to put, they are evenly putted, leave no stripes and not painted spots, and small...

Today the market proposes a vast range of materials for bathroom finishing, that fits any taste and any wallet. But there is no doubt, that the most popular finishing method is ceramic tile finishing, as it it is the...

There are two methods of paint coloring. The first one, with coloring equipment usage, doesnt need a description. We are going to examine the second, manual one. To color the paint manually and not just to color, but to...